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Melster Candies

Melster Candies: Since 1919

Now a subsidiary of Impact Confections, Melster Candies was founded in 1919, and quickly established itself as a maker of traditional American treats like Circus Peanuts and Taffy.

Now 100 years later, Melster is still creating some of the most iconic sweet treats to be enjoyed on holidays, or every day!

Melster Candies - 100 Years
Melster Circus Peanuts - 100 Years

Circus Peanuts - A Nostalgic Treat!

Our most popular orange-colored, banana-flavored, peanut-shaped, soft and chewy circus peanuts are a fat-free snack, and like all our Melster products are made in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Melster Chocolately Figures

Chocolatey Covered Marshmallow Figures