Below is a list of answers to the questions we receive most often. If the answer to your questions cannot be found here, please visit the Contact page.

Can I buy directly from Impact Confections?

Impact Confections does not have an ecommerce site and we’re unable to sell directly to consumers. You’ll want to check your local or online retailers for WARHEADS and Melster candies.

Distributors and resellers should reach out to us using the form found on our Contact page so that a member of our sales team can follow up with you.

Where can I purchase Melster candy?

Our Melster Circus Peanuts and seasonal Chocolatey Covered Marshmallow treats can be found at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Walmart.

Not all stores carry all products.

Where can I get WARHEADS Sour Bubblegum Pops?

We only have the amazing gum-filled sour lollipops available seasonally in our Halloween Pack mixed bags, so be sure to stock up around Halloween. Buy ’em up and guard your stash!

Where can I get WARHEADS popsicles?

WARHEADS freeze pops are not made at our factory but by the experts at Jel Sert. They are a favorite around our office in the summer! Here’s where we find them.

Why did I get empty wrappers in my WARHEADS Extreme Sour Candy?

Sometimes, our wrapping machine is moving so quickly (they wrap about 1,800 candies per minute) that a wrapper is sealed without a candy inside. We have blowers installed on the production line to remove these empty wrappers, but sometimes they make it through.

The good news is that WARHEADS candy is packaged by total weight and empty wrappers do not affect this total. In fact, you would need about 25 empty wrappers to equal the weight of a single piece, so you should still have the correct amount of candy in your bag.

Sometimes we make crafts out of the empty wrappers, but we recognize that not everyone wants an Extreme Sour candy wrapper necklace.

Is your candy vegetarian / vegan / kosher?

Currently, our WARHEADS Worms are made with gelatin derived from beef. Our Melster products – Circus Peanuts and Chocolatey Covered Marshmallow Treats – also contain this gelatin.

Our products are not Kosher, vegetarian, or vegan certified.

Do you still make spicy WARHEADS?

Our WARHEADS lineup changes as we dream up new candy or discontinue less popular candy.

Unfortunately, the HOTHEADS Extreme Heat Worms and Scorchin’ Heat Twists have been discontinued.

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Are WARHEADS OK for young children?

Some candy is only for ages 4 and up due to choking hazards. As far as whether or not your taste buds can handle sour candy, that depends on the individual person. Some people’s mouths are more sensitive to acids in food (pineapple, citrus) as well as to sour candy.

The acids we use include Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid and Malic Acid. Please be aware that all these ingredients are approved by the FDA for use in foods and are included at levels at or below regulatory limits.

We produce only high-quality products that meet all US Federal guidelines for PH levels and ingredients, and when eaten normally, consumers enjoy them with no issues. However, some people may have an increased sensitivity to these ingredients.

To ensure a fun and enjoyable eating experience, a voluntary statement is printed on every package warning that the candy is extremely sour and can be an irritation to sensitive mouths and tongues.

If your mouth experiences any irritation, sour candy is probably too extreme for your tongue and you should stick to Circus Peanuts.