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Founded in 1981 in Roswell, New Mexico, Impact Confections began as a manufacturer of lollipops. Each batch was homemade and poured into molds in a residential kitchen, then individually wrapped by hand and transported to market in the back of a pickup truck. Over thirty years after that first batch of homemade lollipops, Impact Confections has grown to become one of top confectionary manufacturers.

Impact Confections purchased the WARHEADS brand in 2004, and since then has steadily increased distribution of the family of sour candies not only in the U.S., but to Canada, Australia and other countries as well. The WARHEADS name is synonymous with SOUR, and the brand is focused on providing a sour candy for every sour taste, from tart to extreme. The success of this focus can be measured by a visit to the brand’s facebook page, which boasts over 2.2 million fans.

Also in 2004, Impact Confections purchased the Melster brand, which was originally founded way back in 1919. Melster is known best as the maker of the infamous Circus Peanuts - those iconic, peanut-shaped, banana flavored, orange colored marshmallow treats. In addition, the Melster brand produces both everyday and seasonal staples, such as salt water taffy, chocolate covered marshmallows, and crème drops.


In 2011, Impact Confections consolidated its manufacturing into a new state-of-the-art, SQF certified facility located in Janesville, WI.  We're proud to say the majority of our products are still made right here in the United States using our own traditional recipes.

With a consistent focus on quality and value, and a culture of innovation in everything we do, Impact Confections remains committed to the same handmade quality that launched the company more than three decades ago.

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