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Where are your products sold at retail?
You’ll find our brands sold at a variety of major retailers, dollars stores, conveniences stores and grocery stores. For WARHEADS products, consult the Store Locator app at

Are your products manufactured in the U.S.A.?
The majority of our candy is manufactured in the United States, but a few of our products are manufactured at facilities abroad. Note that each product shows the country of origin in capital letters near the bottom of the Nutrient Information panel printed on the package.

Are your products Kosher?
Our products are not certified Kosher.

Are your products gluten-free?
Many of our products are gluten- free, but you should consult the Nutritional Information panel of each product before consuming.


Do your products contain other allergens?
Some of our products contain milk, soy, or peanuts. For allergen information on a specific product, consult the Nutritional Information panel on the package, or follow these links for complete nutrition and allergen information on Melster, or WARHEADS products.

Can I order bulk product direct from your company or this website?
Unfortunately, no. All of our bulk products are sold through a network of wholesalers and/or distributors. For information on where you can order bulk product, please call our Customer Service department at (800) 535-4401.

Do you sell Fundraising items?
Not at this time.

Do you have a question not answered here? Email us or call (800) 535-4401.

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